Smith S.J. ea, 1987

Smith S.J. , Cooper G.R. , Henderson L.O. , Hannon W.H. and The Apolipoprotein Standardization Collaborating Group . An international collaborative study on standardization of apolipoproteins A-I and B. Part I. Evaluation of a lyophili-zed candidate reference and calibration material. Clin. Chem. , 1987 , 33:2240-2249.

铋 疣犷蝈 溴蜞朦眍 桤篦屙 疣珉梓睇 戾蝾潲 觐腓麇耱忮眄钽 铒疱溴脲龛 囡 A-1 囡 B. 项塍麇 觐眚痤朦睇 爨蝈痂嚯 潆 耱囗溧痱桤圉梃 桴 戾蝾滂.

鸯铗痂蝈 蜞赕:

  • 里铍栾铒痤蝈桧 A-I: 觐腓麇耱忮眄铄 铒疱溴脲龛
  • 里頑 (里铍栾铒痤蝈桧 B): 觐腓麇耱忮眄铄 铒疱溴脲龛
  • 讼(): 觐腓麇耱忮眄铄 铒疱溴脲龛
  • 髓镨潲 腓镱镳铗彖睇 牮钼: 觐腓麇耱忮眄铄 铒疱溴脲龛, 徼犭桀沭圄