Efstradiadis A.,1980

Efstradiadis A., Poisakony J.W., Maniatis T., Lawn R.M., O'Connell C., Spritz R.A., DeRiel J.K., Forget B.G., Weissman S.M., Slighton J.L., Blechl A.E., Smithies O., Baralle F.E., Shoulders C.C., Proudfoot N.J. The structure and evolution of the human beta-globin gene family. - Cell, 1980, v. 21, p. 653-668.



鸯铗痂蝈 蜞赕:

  • 亦犭. Hb B del
  • 葩铍 耋镥瘃屐彘耱忄 岩
  • 缅 徨蜞-汶钺桧 (HBB, 觌囫蝈 徨蜞-汶钺桧钼 沐眍)