Dammann R. et al. 2000

Dammann R., Li C., Yoon J.H., Chin P.L., Bates S., and Pfeifer G.P., 2000. Epigenetic inactivation of a RAS association domain family protein from the lung tumour suppressor locus 3p21.3. Nat. Genet. 25:315-319.

鸯铗痂蝈 蜞赕:

  • 缅睇, 篦囫蜮簋 镳铞羼皴 戾蜩腓痤忄龛 耐
  • 缅睇, 篦囫蜮簋 镳铞羼皴 戾蜩腓痤忄龛 耐, 疣