Gene: [14q321/TCL1] T-cell leukemia 1, 14 kDa protein; T cell lymphoma 1 associated breakpoint;


By chromosome-walking techniques, starting from the breakpoints of 2 independent T-cell leukemias, Virgilio-1993 identified a CpG island centromeric to the translocations was identified. In further studies, Virgilio-1994 identified a gene within the Chr 14q32.1 region of app. 350kb involved in translocations or rearrangements in T-cell leukemias and lymphomas."


The TCL1 gene encodes a 1.3-kb transcript expressed only in restricted subsets of lymphoid cells. The cognate cDNA sequence revealed an open reading frame of 342 nucleotides encoding a protein of 14 kD (Virgilio-1994)."


TCL1 marker was proposed to relate with rearrangements in segment 14q11.2 (the locus for T cell receptor alpha peptide gene cluster; see FAM:TCR1A/14q112), including the translocation of AKT1 protooncogene (GEM:14q3233/AKT1) into this segment (Croce-1985). On the other hand, this marker may be related with rearrangements in segment 14q32.3, where a gene of ataxia telangiectasia-like syndrome (GEM:14q/ATLS) and AKT1 protooncogene are supposed to be located. It is also assumed that the genes for immunoglobulin heavy subunit (FAM:IGH/14q3233) are located more distally than the chromosomal breakage point related to TCL1."


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imm, onc, hem


coding, basic


14 q32.1


MIM: 186960

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  • Gene: [14q112/TCL4] T cell lymphoma 4 associated breakpoint;