Gene superfamily: eukaryotic translation initiation factors; (EIF1 EIF1A EIF2B1 EIF2B2 EIF2B3 EIF2B4 EIF2B5 EIF2S1 EIF2S2 EIF2S3 EIF3S1 EIF3S2 EIF3S3 EIF3S4 EIF3S5 EIF3S6 EIF3S7 EIF3S8 EIF3S9 EIF3S10 EIF4 EIF4A1 EIF4A2 EIF4B EIF4E EIF4EBP1 EIF4EBP2 EIF4EL2 EIF4G1 EIF4G2 EIF5 EIF5A EIF5AP1 EIF5AP2 EIF5AP3)


The description of the gene family will be available in the next release of the GEM Catalogue."

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