Zhang K. ea, 1990

Zhang K., Noda M., Vass W.C., Papageorge A.G., Lowy D.R. Identification of small clusters of divergent amino acids that mediate the opposing effects of ras and Krev-1. // Science, 1990, v. 249, N 2965, pp. 162-165. Zhang K., DeClue J.E., Vass W.C., Papageorge A.G., McCormick F., Lowy D.R. Suppression of c-ras transformation by GTPase-activating protein. // Nature, 1990, v. 346, pp. 754-756.

鸯铗痂蝈 蜞赕:

  • 铃腙 ras: 羿牝铕 - 嚓蜩忄蝾瘥 (GAP, GEF)
  • rap1-嚯 (krev-1) 徨腙