Evans, 1972

Evans, E. F., 1972, The frequency response and other properties of single fibres in guinea pig cochlear nerve', Journal of Physiology, 226, 263-287

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  • 髓蝈疣蝮疣 镱 耠篚钼 矬
  • 需 bss. 9.4 穷磬 疱嚓鲨 磬 鬣耱铗 钿桧铟眍泐 忸腩觏 耠篚钼钽 礤疴
  • 需 bss. 9.5 砚琰 铗忮蜞 觐蹼遴痦钽 忸腩觏 磬 蝾 (300 闽) 羿珙