Shimizu, ea 1991

Shimizu, T. and H. J. Karten, 1991, 'Central visual pathways in reptiles and birds: evolution of the visual system', in Vision and Visual Dysfunction, J. R. Cronly-Dillon and R. L. Gregory, eds., London: Macmillan. vol. 2

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  • 需 bss. 18.15 湾疴睇 疋玷 蝈牝铘筱嚯铎 琊栩咫铎 矬蜩 矧桷
  • 需 bss. 18.14 域铍龛 矧桷. 项镥疱黜 耩彗 麇疱 觐礤黜 祛玢 泐塍
  • 需 bss. 18.13 项镥疱黜 耩彗 麇疱 觐礤黜 祛玢 镳羼禧赅邈铖