Nakai K. ea, 1994

Nakai K., Itoh C., Miura Y. et. al. Deletion polymorphism of the angiotensin I-converting enzyme gene is associated with serum ACE concentration and increased risk for CAD in the Japanese // Circulation. 1994. V.90. P.2199-2202.

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  • 老 (理汨铗屙玷-镳邂疣栝 翦痨屙) 沐: 沐礤蜩麇耜栝 镱腓祛痿桤 皴痄鬻眍-耦耋滂耱 玎犷脲忄龛: 忖邃屙桢
  • 老 沐: 镱腓祛痿桤 攘