Dou Y. et al. 2005

Dou Y., Milne T.A., Tackett A.J., Smith E.R., Fukuda A., Wysocka J., Allis C.D., Chait B.T., Hess J.L., and Roeder R.G., 2005. Physical association and coordinate function of the 颓 K4 methyltransferase MLL1 and the H4 K16 acetyltransferase MOF. Cell 121: 873-885.

鸯铗痂蝈 蜞赕:

  • 铃腙 trxG, 祛滂翳鲨痼桢 眢觌孱耦祉 汨耱铐: 钺 疋邃屙
  • MLL1 铃腙
  • WDR5 铃腙
  • MLL2 铃腙