Gene: [17p1/PLI] alpha-2-plasmin inhibitor (alpha-2 antiplasmin); plasmin inhibitor deficiency (Miyasato disease; antiplasmin deficiency); [AAP ]


The radioautographic data (Kato-1988) suggest that the gene PLI is most probably located in 18q (c-q11.2). However, when Welch and Francke (Welch-1992) used the same probe in their efforts to construct a complete physical map of chromosome 18, they discovered that PLI could be excluded from that chromosome. On the basis of the published PLI sequence, they designed primers to sequences in introns 6 and 7 that directed amplification of a 353-bp fragment that included the entire exon 7. By polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis of rodent-human hybrid panels, they unequivocally assigned PLI to human chromosome 17. With a regional mapping panel, the assignment was narrowed to 17pter-p12. Markie-1992 also excluded the PLI gene from chromosome 18."


[1] The gene length is 17.5 kb. Exons: 10 (17, 67, 39, 63, 202, 144, 204, 143, 205, and 1169 bp); introns: 9 (7.04, 0.105, 0.120, 0.222, 2.48, 0.146, 1.18, 3.11, and 1.18 kb); however, lengths of introns 1, 5, and 7-9 are determined approximately (Hirosawa-1988; Corrections for this paper - see Reference - reported also the corrected nucleotide sequence of the 5'-ntc region of this gene). Three Alu-repeats are found at the 3'-end of intron 8, within a 1.23-kb XhoI-DraI fragment. They possibly generate a relatively rare RFLP type with a lengthy deletion (Miura-1989).
[2] The 5'-ntc region: Within the range of 350 bp, there are four GC-rich sequences and the canonical promoter gtcTcct at 17 bp from potential -TIS and 39 bp from -TLIS; intron 1 is located between TIS and TLIS. The 3'-unt region: 761 bp, the canonical plyadenilation signal at position 716-721 bp."


The product of this gene belongs to the superfamily of serpins (SERine Protease INhibitors). On other genes from this group, see GEM:07q22/PLGAI1."


Probe pPI39 is a 750 bp EcoRI-HindIII cDNA fragment (Sumi-1986).


EcoRI/BamHI-RFLP (Miura-1989): the normal allele (A) is about 5.5 kb; the mutant allele (B) is about 4.78 kb, having a 720 bp deletion. The population frequency of the alleles are: among Caucasoids (European origin; N=66), p(A)=0.735 and p(B)=0.265; among Mongoloids (Japanese; N=50), p(A)=0.51 and p(B)=0.49; frequencies in both populations fit the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium."


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hem, clot, serp


coding, basic


17 pt-12


MIM: 262850



鸯铗痂蝈 蜞赕:

  • Gene: [14q321/PI1] protease inhibitor 1 (anti-elastase), alpha-1-antitrypsin; alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, autosomal recessive; emphysema (liability?; chronic obstructive lung disease); hepatocellular carcinoma/cirrhosis (liability?); [P
  • Gene: [07q22/PLGAI1] plasminogen activator inhibitor, type I (endothelial); [PLANH1 PAI1 ]