Gene: [17q25/ACTG1] actin, gamma 1, cytoplasmic; [ACTG ]


Several processed gamma-actin pseudogenes are found. Two of them mapped to Chrs 3 and Y and sequenced by Gomez-Pedrozo,1987, differ from gamma pseudogene described by Leube,1986 and registered under GEM:00.0/ACTGP3. Emi,1988 described the fourth gamma pseudogene, which overlaps with the coding region of salivary amylase gene AMY1 in Chr 1p21 (GEM:01p21/ACTGP4). Four additional actin-like sequences are also found (GEM:0Xp112/ACTL1, GEM:02^/ACTL3, GEM:03^/ACTL4, and GEM:21q/ACTL5) that are not yet assigned to a certain type (ACTL2 is now identified as the second gamma-actin pseudogene 2 mapped to Chr Yq11; GEM:0Yq11/ACTGP2). As for other four ACTL, it remains unclear, which of them actually differ from already mapped beta and gamma pseudogenes, or represent alpha pseudogenes; see FAM:ACT/00.0."


GEM:03^/ACTGP1, GEM:0Yq11/ACTGP2, GEM:00.0/ACTGP3, GEM:01p21/ACTGP4, GEM:01p21/ACTGP5, GEM:01p21/ACTGP6, GEM:01p21/ACTGP7, GEM:01p21/ACTGP8, GEM:00.0/ACTGP9."


The gene length is 3.5 kb; the length of cDNA is 1.9 kb.


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LOC "Ueyama H &: CCG, 74, 221-224, 1996




coding, basic


17 q25


MIM: 102560



鸯铗痂蝈 蜞赕:

  • Gene superfamily: actins; (ACTA1 ACTA2 ACTA3 ACTA4 @ACTB @ACTG ACTL1 ACTL3 ACTL4 ACTL5)
  • HUGEN-嚓蜩 汔祆