Gene: [08^/IFNB3] interferon, beta 3, fibroblast;


Before 1982, it was thought that the genome contains a single coding gene for beta interferon (see GEM:09p22/IFNB1). However, Sehgal-1982 demonstarted that fibroblasts and leucocytes have, in addition to the major class mRNA IFNB1 (0.9 kb), several minor classes of mRNA encoded by different genes: 1.3 kb (IFNB2 in chromosome 5), 1.8 kb (IFNB3 in chromosome 8), 0.65 kb (IFNB4 in chromosome 4), and 0.9 kb (IFNB5 in chromosome 2). Later it was found that the main fraction of mRNA (1.3kb, IFNB2) is translated forming interleukin 6, which gene is located in chromosome 7p (GEM:07p21/IL6). Moreover, this gene, in contrast to other beta and all alpha IF genes, contains introns and does not show noticeable homology with IFNB1. On the basis of these data, the gene was named IL6."


The gene length is 1 kb; it has no introns.


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coding, basic




MIM: 147860

鸯铗痂蝈 蜞赕:

  • 门 IFN-徨蜞
  • Gene: [04q/IFNB4] interferon, beta 4, fibroblast;
  • Gene: [02^/IFNB5] interferon, beta 5, fibroblast;
  • 缅睇 眚屦翦痤磬 徨蜞 (IFN1-徨蜞, 仍-徨蜞)