Gene: [11p155/ADCR] adrenocortical carcinoma; breast cancer chromosome region? (liability); [ADCC ACC BCCR ]


The locus ADCR was excluded from the HGM and GDB catalogues without explaining a reason for it to be done. Probably the authors of these sources supposed that adrenocortical carcinoma and other tumors are related with a complex locus referred to as multiple tumor-associated chromosome region 1 (GEM:11p155/MTACR1)."


[1] According to Henry-1987/89 (HGM9/10), tumors of many organs may be related to this locus, including breast cancer (BCCR), rhabdomyosarcoma (RMSCR; MIM:268210/RMS1), hepatoblastoma, and nephroblastoma. Therefore loci BCCR and RMSCR indicated in HGM9.5 was excluded from the following HGM and GEM catalogues.
[2] On rhabdomyosarcoma, see GEM:11p154/MYOD1.
[3] Chr 11 contains a number of the loci related with liability to tumors in various organs: GEM:11p155/CDKN1C; GEM:11p155/HRAS; GEM:11p155/MTACR1; GEM:11p154/MYOD1; GEM:11p153/LMO1; GEM:11p13/GUD; GEM:11p13/WT1; GEM:11p1/SPI1; GEM:11p1/ST2; and GEM:11q/ST3."


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onc, horm


unknown, basic


11 p15.5


MIM: 202300



鸯铗痂蝈 蜞赕:

  • Gene: [21q223/TFF1] trefoil factor 1 (PH1.A); protein pS2 (estrogen-inducible sequence; growth factor); estrogen-inducible sequence, expressed in breast cancer; [BCEI PS2 ]
  • Gene: [01p36/BCS2] breast-ovarian cancer, familial; [BRCD2 BCDS2 ]
  • Gene: [13^/BCS1] breast cancer, ductal, suppressor 1; [BRCD1 BCDS1 ]