Gene: [11p15/ASM] adult skeletal muscle transcript (H19); [ASM1 H19 D11S ]


[1] In Genome Data Base this locus is registered as clone ASM1/H19 (GDB_G00-182-603^CloneASM1; GDB_G00-180-942^CloneH19) and as 'Other segment' (GDB_G00-128200^OtherSegmentD11S813E; D11S813E was the designation assigned by HGM11, see Nguyen-1991).
[2] Gene ASM was mapped to 11p15 by a combination of somatic hybrid cell analysis and in situ hybridization (Leibovitch-1991)."


The ASM/H19 gene is 2.7 kb long and includes 4 small introns.


[1] The product of the H19 gene is an untranslated RNA that is expressed exclusively from the maternal chromosome during mammalian development. The H19 gene and its 5-prime-flanking sequence are required for the genomic imprinting of paternally expressed genes (GEM:11p155/IGF2; GEM:11p155/INS), that lie about 100 kb 5-prime to the ASM gene (Pfeifer-1996).
[2] Leibovitch et al. presented evidence that the human H19 gene has a transcript that gives rise to a 29-kD protein (Leibovitch-1991)."


EXP,LOC "Leibovitch MP &: BBRC, 180, 1241-1250, 1991
LIN,EXP "Mutter GL &: AJHG, 53, 1096-1102, 1993
PRO,LOC "Nguyen VC &: CCG, 58, 1968-1968, 1991
MOU,GEN,EVO "Pfeifer K &: PNAS, 93, 13876-13883, 1996


onc, myo


coding, basic


11 p15.5-.4


MIM: 103280


ASM1 H19 D11S

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