Gene: [HOXB/17q2] homeo box region B, gene cluster on chr 17q2; (HOXB1 HOXB2 HOXB3 HOXB4 HOXB5 HOXB6 HOXB7 HOXB8 HOXB9 HOXB13)


[1] Precise number of all human homeosis genes is unknown. Four HOX gene clusters have been currently mapped: HOXD (chr 2q31), HOXA (chr 7p1), HOXC (chr 12q1), HOXB (chr 17q2). MSX1 gene has also been mapped (GEM:04p161/MSX1).
[2] Data on fine physical mapping of this region of chr 17q have been obtained (Bentley-1989). Thus, it was shown that, within HOXB cluster, B5 and B6 genes were located no more than 5 kb apart, and B7 gene was located 50 kb from gene B5. In addition, this cluster was demonstrated to be physically linked to the nerve growth factor receptor gene (GEM:17q2/NGFR) and to be located about 600 kb from it, since the gene-specific DNA probes for these genes recognized a common 590-kb MluI fragment in DNA endohydrolyzate of chr 17. On the close physical linkage of the genes for nerve growth factor receptor and collagen alpha-1(I), see GEM:17q2/COL1A1."


Loci: GEM:17q112/NF1; GEM:17q1/EGFR2; GEM:17q1/THRA; GEM:17q2/NGFR.
[1] See GEM:17q112/NF1."


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