Gene: [17q2/COL1A1] collagen, type I, alpha 1; osteogenesis imperfecta, types II/IV (dominant); Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, type VII (MIM:130060); [OI2 ]


According to Xu-1988/89, the given gene COL1A1 and the nerve growth factor receptor gene (see GEM:17q2/NGFR) are physically linked and located about 400 kb apart each from other, since the gene-specific DNA probes recognize a common 400 kb fragment in the SalI hydrolizate of Chr 17 DNA."


MIM describes this type of osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) under the particular number (MIM:166210) as an independent locus. The other OI types that are yet not specified in molecular genetic terms, are de- scribed as dominant markers under the following numbers: 166200, independent locus OI1 tarda (with blue sclerae); 166220, independent locus OI4 mild type, which was also registered in HGM Catalogue but is excluded from the GEM Catalogue (see GEM:07q2/COL1A2); 166230, secondary marker OI with opalescent teeth, blue sclerae, wormian bones (without fractures); 166240, secondary marker OI1A with dentinogenesis imperfecta (opalescent teeth); and as recessive phenotypes under the following markers: 259400, independent locus OI2 congenita, vrolik type; 259410, secondary marker OI with microcephaly/cataracta; 259420, independent locus OI3 progresively deforming, with normal sclerae; As molecular genetic studies on mutational collagen diseases demonstrated, the MIM classification of all these pathologies, including numerous variants of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, does not already correspond to the actual genetic heterogeneity of independent loci involved in the pathogenesis of these collagen diseases."


On the collagen polypeptide multigene family, see FAM:COLL/00.0.


Loci: GEM:17q111/D17Z1, GEM:17q2/GH1.
[1] See GEM:17q111/D17Z1."


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exce, bone


coding, basic


17 q21.3-22


MIM: 120150



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