Gene family: T cell TiT3 receptor complex (MHC-restricted); (@TCR1 @TCR2)


All Ti component polypeptides belong to the multigene immunoglobulin superfamily. The proteins of this superfamily have an unusual (comparing to other proteins) structural and functional subdivision of their amino acid sequence into constant and variable domains. Their genes have a complex structure. Usually there are more than one copy of both constant (CON) and joining (J) segments, as well as multiple (usually >10) copies of variable (VAR) segments, the latter undergoing multiple rearrangements with definite CON and J segments during differentiation of lymphocytes. Thus, each TCR polypeptide is encoded by a complex locus with the typical structure CON-CON...J-J-J...V-V-V-V-V... (in addition, each element is subdivided into exons and introns)."


HGM Catalogue designates T3 component peptide genes as CD3 (from the common name of many membrane-associated glycoproteins of T and B cells that are markers for different stages of their differentiation - luster ifferentiation antigen), while Ti component genes have the symbol TCR (T cell receptor). GEM has united all TiT3 complex genes under the common symbol TCR, adding 1 (binding element) for Ti peptides (A,B,D,G) and 2 (signal element) for T3 peptides (D,E,G,W,Z)."


FAM:TCR1AD/14q112; FAM:TCR1A/14q112; FAM:TCR1D/14q112; FAM:TCR1BG/07; FAM:TCR1B/07q35; FAM:TCR1G/07p15; FAM:TCR2DEG/11q233; GEM:00.0/TCR2W; GEM:01q2/TCR2Z."

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